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Our recycling solutions

With 35 years of experience, the MTB group has acquired unquestionable expertise in waste recycling (Cables, WEEE, Shredding residues, Tires, Industrial wastes).

The complete mastery of different recycling technologies allows us to offer our customers, customized processing lines keeping in mind the two principles which have made MTB's reputation:

      • the robustness, reliability and efficiency of our machines
      • optimal quality of the products obtained.

Custom made? We have made it our speciality. We work hand-in-hand with our customers. The benefit of all our experience, allows you to attain the best result possible.

With a recycling capacity of 100,000 metric tons per year, our industrial site situated near Lyon, is one of the largest European units for recycling and reuse.


A top rated test centre guarantees the high quality of our know-how.

100% of our production is sampled, then passed to our monitoring laboratory so as to obtain the certification of quality so that it can then be re-sold. This laboratory is also used for tests performed for our customers so as to validate the quality of the products obtained.

Our most satisfying successes? Those built with our customers. Our on-site test centre, allows us to validate in-situ, the expected results under real conditions.

Our test centre is designed for conducting customer tests with the goal of designing systems and guaranteeing a satisfactory result.

Extending over 1000 m2, the test centre offers ample space for performing all the testing operations. This centre is equipped with more than a dozen machines and brings together all the conditions required for these tests. With its modernity, our laboratory allows us to make optimal analyses of the tested products.


Parc d'Activités des Balmes Dauphinoises
3553 route de Chamont
38890 Saint-Chef FRANCE
Tel. +33 474 928 768
Fax +33 474 929 346

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