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Sorting equipment




MTB densimetric tables efficiently separate of homogeneously sized and shaped granular materials with a wide range of densities. Separation is achieved by the combination of a fluidised air bed and an inclined vibrating table. This equipment can be used to separate heavy and light metals from plastics or to purify rubber granulates.


table densimétrique

sieving table

MTB screens are used for final separation of the product according to grain size. They can be equipped with a metal or perforated sheet with a mesh size suited to the product. The filter can be changed very easily in a matter of minutes thanks to the quick-clamp system. MTB screens have proven their efficiency in cable recycling at the outlet of the densimetric table (final separation) and for tyre recycling (textile extraction). However, their ease of use makes them indispensable in many other areas.


tamis vibrants



It consist of a horizontal conveyor equipped with a beater and a permanent-magnet overband. The combination of the two actions efficiently extracts steel pieces from the shredded product. The heights of the beater and overband can be adjusted according to the product being processed. The RMS can also be supplied with an optional second overband for optimum separation in a single pass.


trieur magnétique renforcé



It consists of an endless belt conveyor and a magnetic pulley mounted at the head. It is primarily for de-ironing fine fractions. The high speed of the belt allows large quantities of fines to be processed in a single layer (up to 50 T/hr in the case of the SMB 2000). The combination of speed and the winder’s high magnetic strength results in triple separation. The ‘mass’ inert particles (non-ferrous, glass, stone, etc.) are thrown as far away as possible from the conveyor, while the ferrous particles are recovered at the rear of the separator, while the ‘light’ particles, as well as wet and sticky ones, are recovered on the front part of the separator.

séparateurs magnétiques - SMB



EDX is an eddy current separator for the extraction of non-ferrous metals from bulk material streams (WEEE, ASR, bottom ash, etc.).

courant de foucault