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Our concept of our recycling box


Ready to use, our Box integrates complete recycling system into a set of combined recycling containers, and easily process cables, WEEE, tires, plastic and ASR.

Both designer and manufacturer of our own machines, we have strengthened our range to suit with our recycling Box. Our containerized equipment take over the particular features that made the strength and reputation of classic MTB machine, for their reliability and robustness. Hence a combination of better ergonomics and a small footprint, thanks to numerous technical innovation.

Compact, mobile, powerful and economical, our recycling box’s accomplishment is to keep all the devices on the MTB standard lines in standardized containers of 10, 20 and 40 feet.

Plug'n'Run concept

Keeping up with the success of its predecessors recycling lines installed worldwide, MTB launches a world premiere compact recycling line to meet with the new market requirements.

Launched in March 2016, the CABLE BOX is the first Recycling Box to be developed. With a rapid global success , MTB expanding its range with the TIRE BOX, the PLASTIC BOX, the ROLL BOX and the GATOR BOX. Other versions of the CABLE BOX is under study to value other types of waste.

With more than 30 years of proven manufacturing expertise, MTB Group develops a strong strategy in R & D to enhance its positions as the specialist in recycling process.

This Plug’N’Run concept is fully integrated and ready to use without any installation required. Only a connection between both containers will be required, which makes this concept both easily movable and extremely versatile.



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