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30 September 2021


MTB innovation for more possibilities & flexibilities


MTB has manufactured blade shredders for more than 40 years. When it comes to reliable shredder, the BDR is surely the reference in the recycling industry with reliability, and easy operation. MTB R&D team used this know-how to design a new generation of vertical star shredders.


The BTR vertical star shredder is the perfect answer to process:

  • difficult material that could damage a blade shredder
  • specific scrap in batch modus
  • quantities not sufficient for a good payback on a hammer shredder


The BTR is the optimal first step to recover copper, aluminium, ferrous from material such as:

  • Electric starter motor
  • Alternator
  • Air conditioning
  • Fridge compressor
  • Meatballs


Our BTR are designed to deal with this difficult material even in small volume. Even the small BTR 1200e can process Electric Motor up to 2 kW thanks to its stark synchronous High Torque Direct Electric Drive and its flywheel.

The Vertical Mill technology revisited

MTB used his 40 years know-how on rotating equipment to bring real innovations in the old concept of vertical Shredder.

High Torque eDrive

Full control of shaft speed and effort




Mesh Segment

Easy adjustment for sizing & wear compensation



Double Doors

No jam issue & easy maintenance





For maximum stability at impact






THe BTR: A Key element to further sorting


The vertical mill is managing several steps in one machine. The anvils on the top impact with high speed the material before it is going through different grinding stages. Each stage is reducing the size of the material to liberate the main components. The adjustable mesh segments at the bottom of mill are guaranteeing uniform output material. The important downsizing of the material improves further separation to remove ferrous from metals for instance.


It is possible to adjust the mesh sizing without opening the mill when competitors require changing of liners or rotor tooling. The standard ejection flap is securing the integrity of the rotor in case of a massive unshreddable piece manage to get unseen in the chamber. Finally, the new eDRive technology developed by MTB allows the rotor to be stopped in less than 2 minutes for all maintenance operations


MTB developed 3 models of BTR to provide high quality with various input.

BTR 1200e

Recycled motor size : 2kW

Direct drive : 225kW


BTR 1400e

Recycled motor size : 4kW

Double synchrone drive : 400kW


BTR 1600e

Recycled motor size : 7kW

Double synchrone drive : 570kW




BTR and RECYCLING LINE, a Perfect Match


The BTR is giving you the optimal solution to remove all ferrous and stainless steel fraction potentially dangerous for your cable recycling chopping line. You can improve the efficiency of your cable line particulary with difficult material like shredder wires or meatballs.


When it comes to electric motors, even a 10kg AC motor contains in average between 750 g and 1kg of copper. MTB is now able to offer the complet recovery process providing clean fine and big copper from electric motors.