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MTB diversifies to reach Zero Waste

9 April 2021

MTB diversifies to reach Zero Waste


MTB long-term strategy is based on innovating and diversifying our recycling skills. The development of new solutions is made possible thanks to the versatility, the quality and the our equipment.



With the BDR range and the BDR 2400 starting as early as 1982, MTB innovated to design and offer new recycling lines for copper cables.


MTB extended its expertise to aluminum cables by bringing innovations and equipment improvements, such as air density tables and sieves.


Our lines, with shredders, granulators, sorting equipment are now used as the standard to process and recycle cables, tires, Al/Cu radiators, Al profiles, bottom ash.




Over the years recycling companies were forced to improve in many ways. From niche markets focused on one type of recovery, recycling has become a general and multi-product waste management.


Recycling plants like scrap yards understood that recovering the ferrous and getting rid of the rest was not a long-lasting economical model. ASR (Automobile Shredder Residues), once considered as a side product, has now become a key element in the profitability of any scrap processing plant.


In addition to the existing materials that were not considered, new waste like batteries bring new recovery challenges. To follow our “Zero Waste” commitments, MTB is designing and offering new innovative equipment and process to further reduce the waste sent to landfill.



MTB know-how in equipment manufacturing has always been supported by the expertise of MTB engineers, operators in processing and recovery lines. Together, they joined their experiences  to design more efficient equipment with the lastest available technologies.


The result is state of the art equipment combining:

  • Precision & robustness in mechanical design.
  • Innovation & energy reduction in drive solutions.
  • Flexibility & reactivity in batch & continuous operations
  • Safety & efficiency in maintenance operations


The turn-key MTB BOX concept is one example of the benefit of such collaboration.




Over the past two years, while most companies have been cutting back on research and development, MTB has invested heavily in designing new equipment capable of handling a wider variety of materials such as:


  • Meatballs, engines, cast aluminum with our BTR vertical shredders
  • Iron and aluminum scrap with our EZR pre-shredder
  • Commercial and industrial waste with our BST primary shredder
  • Batteries with our BVR shredder and its horizontal pusher


These new innovative machines are key components in MTB recovery lines. We know however that to offer turn-key processing lines, these machines need to be completed with more equipment coming from our close and long-time partners like:

  • WENDT CORPORATION and their automobile shredders
  • LENOIR and their magnetic separators
  • TURBÉ and their conveyors



When MTB took the challenge of designing new scrap processing solutions, a team of skilled R&D, manufacturing, hydraulic, automation, and service engineers were brought together to bring many years of experience in ferrous and aluminum scrap recovery.


We added to the state-of-the-art solutions, new ideas and technologies to increase  recovery and performance. The result is exciting and exceeding our expectations.


MTB UNLIMITED is now able to supply turn-key lines to process all types of aluminum or ferrous scrap coming in all possible forms and different quantities.

Whatever your material, MTB UNLIMITED & its Partners are addressing your recycling challenges to reach the Zero Waste target together.