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15 September 2023


Thanks to more than 40 years’ expertise as a recycler and manufacturer, we can offer the best solution for your needs, with the support of our training and coaching team.

a premium commitment

Our ability to listen, our technical expertise and our personalised support enable us to deliver high-quality solutions to our customers. As part of our premium commitment to quality, the support of our Training & Coaching team is an essential part of our service offering!


Wheter you are installing a new recycling line or simply need additional training to help you develop your new workforce or adjust your granulation and separation recipe to suit a certain type of material, our Training & Coaching team is available all year long to meet your needs!


Before installation and commissioning, our teams of experts give you the keys to making the best technical choices (positioning cable trays, answering questions, routing cables, choosing supplies, etc.).

the key to succesS


A successful training is composed of different steps which allows us to deliver a recycling line with all the operating answers:


  1. Cold commissioning: All the equipment is tested step by step mechanically and electrically without material by our electronics and automation engineers assisted by our mechanical technicians (MTB service) and the project manager.
  2. Hot commissioning: That is the moment when our training and coaching technician join the rest of the team for testing line with material, correcting any possible problems detected and make sure the system is running at it should in terms of process before starting the initial.
  3. Initial training: Complete custom theoretical (in classroom watching videos of the customer’s equipment in operation) and hands on training about all the equipment, tutorial about PLC (programable logic controller), technical recommendations for optimal use of the line and finally let the operators running the system in autonomy the last day and answering all their questions during a final debriefing. The initial training allows you to use the production equipment at its optimal capacity in safe conditions and to take care of first and second level maintenance operations.

by your side, from project to achievment and beyond


The most important thing will be to optimise the use of your recycling line over the years, depending on the different types of materials you will be processing. Sometimes, even after a few months of operations, your needs could change: processing some new type of materials, staff turnovers requiring to train new people working on the equipment… Our team of experts is by your side to support you from start to achievement, and above all beyond the installation of your equipment. Customer relations maintained by a team present throughout the life of your processes!

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