Oil filters with 100% recovery rate


The used oil filters coming back from the cars retailers, municipalities and industrial plants contain from our customer’s experience in average :

  • 37% Metals
  • 42% Paper
  • 21% Oil


Once the filters are collected, the recovery can be described in 6 stages:

  1. The oil is first drained from the filters stored in a special pool.
  2. A manual sorting avoid any unwanted pieces.
  3. The filters are shredded to obtain homogeneous small pieces.
  4. The output of the shredder is sent in a centrifuge to recover further oil.
  5. A magnet separator will collect at this stage all ferrous fractions.
  6. The end stage is to press the remaining fraction to collect the remaining oil and papers.


MTB customers like Chimirec are able to achieve 100% recovery rate thanks to MTB shredder.


Look at MTB customer's experiencehttps://youtu.be/LiYx6ZwTQKY 

Learn how MTB shredders can benefit to your oil filter processhttps://www.mtb-recycling.fr/en/shredders.html


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