Zero waste


Zero waste is an integral part of MTB practices (from the design of our products and services to day-to-day management of our business), aiming to get as close as possible to a balanced, prosperous future for the generations to come.
As a pioneer in numerous areas of recycling, MTB marks its environmental commitment by going way beyond market requirements.
We rely on our atypical dual recycler/manufacturer skillset to propose the most appropriate solutions for our customers and avoid waste.


At the heart of our company's life:

  • We encourage individual initiative to reduce waste in all our workig environments.
  • We organise a sorting and collection service for our waste in all the company’s departments.
  • We propose ‘upcycling’, ‘share your passion’ workshops (employees sharing know-how or hobbies), and a staff trading market.

At the heart of our business:

  • We develop new waste recycling solutions (electric batteries, photovoltaic panels, electronic boards, etc.).
  • We put enhanced shot blast on the market to replace metals from mining.
  • We use the MTB network to reduce recovery cycles as far as possible (French and European downstream channels).
  • We reduce our waste: limiting over-packaging of our supplies, choosing eco-label products, looking for the best partners to create virtuous cycles.
  • We propose compact, mobile solutions (‘Plug’n’run’ BOX range) for at-source waste management.


- We design each new machine by limiting its energy consumption and by extension, its environmental impact.
- We look for new tools to improve energy efficiency in our recycling units.
- We look to reduce MTB equipment wear and tear through sturdy design.


Parc d'Activités des Balmes Dauphinoises
3553 route de Chamont
38890 Saint-Chef FRANCE
Tel. +33 474 928 768
Fax +33 474 929 346

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