The BLUBOX, a major innovation for the recycling of flat screens, light-bulbs and fluorescent tubes.

In partnership with the Swiss company Air Mercury, MTB develops, fabricates and sells the BLUBOX, a process that is unique in the world. Allying innovation and technology, the BLUBOX allows several types of mercury containing waste such as flat screens, light-bulbs and fluorescent tubes, to be recycled simultaneously. Unique in the world, the BLUBOX is the first entirely automatic LCD recycling process. The BLUBOX works entirely in the dry state which distinguishes us from our competition."

The fractions leave into bins which are placed underneath the BLUBOX. The interior of the machine operates at negative air pressure and a sensor continuously controls the mercury content of the extracted air.


Strong points

  • - First entirely automatic LCD recycling machine.
  • - Capacity for processing all sizes of screens (up to 46 inch)
  • - Best technology available for recycling mixed lamps
  • - Handling without danger - all movable parts are contained
  • - Easy to transport - it is a 40 foot container (High Cube)
  • - Economical start-up - just connect it to the mains
  • - Low maintenance costs
  • - Conversion of dangerous waste into precious raw materials
  • - Zero discharge of mercury into the atmosphere
  • - Compliance with WEEE regulations
  • - First industrial process audited according to the WEEELABEX reference system
  • - Innovative processing process but also for separating and sorting materials contained in the screens; recycling of ferrous, non-ferrous metals, electronic boards, reusable plastics like PMMA.


- Weight: about 24 tons
- Dimensions (without the platforms): 40 foot container (L 13.72 m, W 2.45 m, H 2.92 m) 
- Average consumption: 60-180 kVA at 400 V
- Air filtration flow rate: 200 m3 / h at 6000 m3 /h



Even in stand-by mode, the BLUBOX is maintained in permanent negative pressure so as to ensure a completely clean environment and to protect the operating personnel.

Several, easily accessible, emergency stop buttons ensure an emergency shut-down. Even in such a case, the ventilation system continues to operate.

The mercury measuring instrument warns the crew in the case where the measurements in the ambient air exceed the norms in force.

The required operating personnel are:

- 1 operator for logistics and control
- 1 operator for the processing lamps
- 1 LCD operator for the transformation

Enhanced safety conditions for the operators and the environment.


It is not necessary to disassemble the screens before their processing. In fact, instead of manual dismantling, the BLUBOX avoids employees being exposed to mercury vapours present in the backlighting tubes.

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