NHIW line / Preparation of RDF ( Refuse-derived fuel)

(RDF) Refuse-Derived Fuel can be processed by our MTB lines in order to sort it: wood, plastics, paper cartons, metals, inert materials, etc. A part of this OIW can be transformed into SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel) so as to energetically reuse some of the NIHW (Non-Hazardous Industrial Waste).

" All the know-how of the process is therefore in how to isolate certain components and to prepare the products to optimize their energetic reuse. "

Through its multi-disciplinary approach, MTB is able to offer you the best solutions concerning the recycling or reuse of NIHW.

Through our processing, we know how to isolate;

- products that cannot be shredded
- stainless steel
- metals
- cardboards
- inert materials
- etc.

The processing of NIHW is becoming a major topic in France. We offer complete processing solutions, which can be combined for:

- The production of Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF): the waste becomes a substitute fuel which can be used to supply incinerators or cement ovens, replacing petroleum products.

- The reuse of materials.

MTB has developed innovative and compact lines for the production of SRF.

" MTB has surrounded itself with the best specialists for sieving, air driven separation and the extraction of PVC so as to build the best processing plants in the world of recycling. "

Our design takes into account, the characterisation of the incoming deposits, the tonnage and allows us to customise your lines to make them efficient and flexible. The throughput of the lines will depend on your needs and your incoming products.

MTB can assist you in all phases of your project:

- the study of the project economics,
- Business plan drafting with re-sale values,
- 3D drawings 
- project coordination,
- creation and commissioning of your installation.



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