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MTB x WENDT CORPORATION: Complementary know-how

16 March 2021

wendt & mtb

together to meet the challenges of recycling 


In recent years, WENDT CORPORATION has become the market leader in shredding, ferrous downstream, and non-ferrous downstream in North America. MTB MANUFACTURING has opened in the meantime its new manufacturing plant in Europe offering turnkey recycling concept.




MTB and WENDT are developing and bringing new innovative equipment and recovery concepts which make them more complementary than ever. Our long-term and strong partnership is a true value add for all companies aiming at reaching the “Zero waste” target.

When WENDT decided to offer in the US recycling solutions to process the shredder wires recovered from their shredders and downstream lines, they relied on MTB equipment and cable lines. The CABLE BOX turn-key recovery concept was the perfect add-on to increase the metal recovery from automobile shredders.



Among the different types of material to recycle, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Scrap are priorities on MTB’s agenda. Confident that we could bring added value and innovation, MTB UNLIMITED was created to carry out this mission.


The new range of the EZR pre-shredder is not only completing the upstream of WENDT shredders with a MODULAR powerful Pre-Shredder, but also opens the door to new recycling lines like the Zero Waste line in Trept, France.


The EZR pre-shredder concept with eDrive is ideal for aluminum scrap recyclers with a lower throughput. Even with less 300kW installed power, the strong shafts can open dense aluminium bales and even process some aluminium coils.



With WENDT hammermill shredders and MTB blade shredders in our product portfolio, we realized there was a missing piece of equipment with the ability to handle smaller volumes in a batch modus and difficult and heavy materials, such as meatballs or castings. MTB UNLIMITED worked with the MTB R&D team with the support of WENDT’s engineering team to bring the new generation of vertical mill. The meatballs coming out of WENDT shredders can now be fully processed in MTB MANUFACTURING lines for full metal recovery. With up to 15t/h, the BTR star shredders can process all mixed materials that are unshreddable for the blade BDR shredders and still return a good ROI, even with volumes as low as 2 or 3 t/h.


This new innovation and generation of vertical mills brings together:

  • Direct High torque drive
  • Flying wheel know-how used successfully in MTB BDR range.
  • Easy MTB segment adjustment for quick set-up between two different material batch processes
  • Lower and upper bearings
  • Fully welded mechanical lower frame for more stability
  • Double access door for easier maintenance



MTB UNLIMITED, as a division of MTB Group for scrap processing solutions, is not only developing the future generation of scrap recycling equipment but also distributing WENDT equipment in Europe.


WENDT’s hammermill shredders can process 15t/h to 400t/h of scrap. WENDT commissioned two 400t/h shredding & non-ferrous plants in 2020 with a third plant to be commissioned early this year.


Through, MTB UNLIMITED, WENDT is now offering innovative solutions to European scrap yards:

  • Alternative downstreams to reduce picking labor
  • Exhaustive auto shredder emissions solutions in preparation of new operating conditions and emissions rates in Europe (BREFs 2022)


Wherever you are located, the MTB UNLIMITED & WENDT team is addressing your local scrap processing challenges with efficient equipment solutions.



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