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MTB x GUMI IMPEX, a relationship built on trust over many years

2 November 2023

Gumi Impex, a Croatian company, has developed its main activity by manufacturing rubber products and distributing tires for all types of vehicles on the national market. It was also the first company in Croatia to start recycling used car tires in 2005, with the main aim of reducing the impact on the environment while reusing the valuable properties of rubber.


Our collaboration began 20 years ago with the installation of the first line, with a capacity of 3 tonnes/hour. Initially composed of a BDR shredder and 4 BAT granulators (one of which was specially reinforced), this line has been upgraded several times to increase capacity and efficiency.


Thanks to the reinforced BAT, GUMI IMPEX is able to isolate the ferrous material from tires and recycle outgoing materials of some of the highest quality on the market!


Daily, non-stop use, 6 days a week, coupled with perfect maintenance by the teams, confirms the premium quality of the MTB equipment and the granulate produced, which is over 99.5% pure.


After several years of efficient production, the teams naturally contacted us to support the growth of their business (capacity of 32,000 tonnes/year) and supply a second processing line.


Over the past 20 years, MTB equipment has evolved, and with it the automation. The new line has new sensors to monitor temperatures and the flow of materials, simplifying management of the line and providing a superior level of automation.

This second line is also interconnected with the first. This enables ferrous material to be recovered from the second line and returned to the first line’s ferrous processing unit.


The main challenge was to incorporate this second line into an existing building with limited space. The line will be up and running in early 2023!

So far, both recycling lines are operating at peak efficiency, much to the delight of our teams.


A big thank you to Gumi Impex for its long-standing trust, and a special thought for Rudolfa Kiric, the company’s founder, who regrettably passed away in 2020.