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29 August 2023


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MISSION 2025 is an action plan aimed at developing sustainable, collective and caring solutions for our children. For several years now, we have been committed to taking responsibility and bringing our entire ecosystem with us.


The many recent crises have alerted us to the urgent need to change things. We reaffirm with strength and conviction our raison d’être #ForOurChildren, through a MISSION: to create strategic materials and build a sustainable model for the future generations.


This is why we continue to recycle complex waste, design and manufacture recycling equipment and support manufacturers in managing their waste, with the ambition of providing high-quality secondary raw materials with low environmental impact. Among the various R&D projects, our teams are working to develop recycling processes for ‘new waste’, such as lithium-ion batteries, which require specific, secure equipment to achieve high performance.

battery recycling


Transport alone is responsible for around 30% of our national greenhouse gas emissions. One of the major challenges of the ecological transition is to succeed in decarbonising this sector, and electric mobility represents a real opportunity. Deploying the value chain for electric vehicles is a strategic issue to enable the energy transition and increase Europe’s resilience in terms of raw materials.


For the past 5 years, our R&D teams have been working closely with the main manufacturers, collectors and dismantlers of electric vehicles, academic laboratories and French and European institutions to deal with the end-of-life of batteries. Together, we are participating in the search for solutions to battery issues within 5 consortiums. Each of these consortiums addresses a specific area of the recycling process, enabling us to find an effective and secure solution for the entire value chain.


Working in partnership with them, and drawing on our experience as a manufacturer and recycler, we have designed, manufactured and tested our raw materials recovery solution. Today, we are finalising our MTB recovery process by installing a pilot plant for processing batteries and production waste.

A zero waste battery PILOT in trept


This pilot unit, with a capacity of 1 tonne/hour, will serve as a demonstrator for the marketing of industrial lines for recyclers and gigafactories. The line will incorporate innovations such as

  • A continuous electrolyte evaporation system, developed jointly with REVTECH as part of the EVAPOR8 project.
  • A Drycell Box, which combines the final sorting stages in two 40′ containers as part of the Scrap CO2MET project, in partnership with Verkor, Mecaware, Grenoble INP and Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1.


The aim of this pilot unit is to ensure efficient evaporation of the electrolyte and the best recovery rates and quality of blackmass, by adapting our recycling line to the needs of the final customer.


To find out more, come and meet us at :

➡ ICBR 2023 – from 6 to 8 September in Valencia, Spain

Batteries Event – from 10 to 13 October in Lyon, France

Pollutec – from 10 to 13 October in Lyon, France

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