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MTB’s Waste recycling 

MTB’s Waste recycling 

Waste recycling and valorization have been a priority for MTB for more than 35 years. We take actions on many plans to be both actors and precursors on our market at the same time.

MTB’s waste management

Waste management is a brand new issue for many organizations. At MTB, we’ve been working on it for a long time. Over the years, our numerous innovations have pushed our market forward.

Today, MTB has become a world reference in waste management. To reach this goal, MTB created partnerships with some of the world’s most influent companies such as Air Mercury. Thanks to this collaboration we have developed the world’s very first fully automatized LCD screen and bubble recycling machine the BluBox

Our innovations for waste recycling

Whit this experience, MTB is able to offer an answer to most waste management issues. With our 5 lines of waste recycling machines, we’re able to process copper, aluminum, or plastic even WEEE and recycle 40 000 tons of wastes per years.

We are perpetually innovating in our test center, finding solutions to give materials a second life and have a high quality process with the most common wastes such as WEEE, cables…

The result of waste management

Waste management is one thing, obtaining high quality finished goods is an other. Our innovations have brought to quite perfect finished goods.With copper or aluminum our granules are delivered with a certificate guarantying their purity ( up to 99.9%). We can also offer goods from plastic valorization such as PVC and many other materials with the same purity than metals.

At MTB there is no compromise on quality for waste recycling. When we process we do our best to give it a second life. Wastes are then turned into high quality goods.


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