Granulators are used to obtain a homogeneous size distribution and an optimal separation of material prior to sorting, from pre-shredded products.

There are 2 major families of shredders:

- The reinforced granulators BAT 1200, BAT 1600, BAT 845, BAT 1245 refining material of several millimetres down to their final size before the sorting step, are the creation of MTB's know-how.

- The maxi-granulators of SRP type being able to be used as secondary shredders or high throughput refiners, are a pure combination of our BDR shredders and the BAT granulator. 



- Cutting blades in specially treated steel
- Cutting blades with edges which can be rotated 4 times
- Same type of blades on the rotor and the frame
- The patented rotor, protected in case of blockage for the BAT family
- Extremely simple mounting of the blades and grill


- All types of pre-shredded cables

- Aluminum profiles

- Miscellaneous wastes (electronics, fibreglass, computer boards, telephone relays, etc.)

- Pre-shredded tyres

- Pre-shredded auto parts (radiators, bumpers, etc.)

- Synthetic materials

- Light fractions of automobile shredding residues

MTB’s very efficient Customer Service Department responds all inquiries quickly.

Our after the sale department will assist you with:

- Refurbishing of any MTB equipment
- Organizing any maintenance activities
- Supplying all spare parts for our equipment

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