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Engineering comes from experience

With its constant innovation, MTB offers complete recycling plants throughout the world so as to be able to propose global solutions for the reuse of all types of waste. MTB is able to accompany industrialists in their recycling approach by intervening in the design and creation of lines and the optimisation of recycling processes in partnership with their customers.

MTB thus sells a processing chain comprised of a succession of several machines, of dust removal systems, of material separation systems based on the densities and size of the materials...so as to obtain reusable finished products.

The installation of a processing line is a real project which starts with the analysis of the products to shred, the definition of the characteristics of the products to obtain at the output of the line, the study of the site on which the processing chain will be installed and ends with the start-up.

For each new waste, its new processing solution:

For each type of waste, depending upon the desired results and specific technical constraints at the customer's site, a complete study is performed by the design office. This study begins on the site of the activity where preliminary tests are performed either directly on the production lines or on prototype machines.  Depending upon the results of the tests, the technicians from the design office, in close collaboration with the suppliers of the sorting equipment (magnetic separator, eddy current separator, etc.) designdivere a global processing chain which will allow the desired results to be obtained. Once designed and finalized, the line is fabricated in the manufacturing workshop.

" Our engineering centre has the objective in France and abroad, of being the best designer and producer of solutions for waste recycling in all areas: WEEE, NHIW, TIRES, SHREDDER RESIDUE RECYCLING, HOUSEHOLD WASTE, RDF, SORTING CENTRES, PLASTICS AND METALS. "

Our lines are fllexible so as to produce diverse types of finished or semi-finished products.

To do this, MTB relies on a range of absolutely unique machines:

  • production lines using the machines proposed
  • an industrial testing centre
  • the engineering and development capacity to produce new solutions
  • partnerships with the best equipment manufacturers
  • an international vision

We have an on-site design office, composed of qualified engineers who assist us in the development of projects. Equipped with the latest CAD software, our technicians understand the abilities of our production tools perfectly and work in close collaboration with our sales department.

" Offering turn-key solutions, MTB delivers ready-to-use, functioning plants throughout the world. You have a project concerning recycling, we are listening to you and can share with you, our expertise as an operator and as a manufacturer of efficient machines."

MTB accompanies you throughout your initiative :

- Study of project economics
- Drafting of a business plan with resale prices
- Design- Manufacturing
- Assembly
- Automation
- On-site installation
- Commissioning
- Follow-up and maintenance

 Production of one line per month.


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