Custom work

With the diversity of recycling lines installed at MTB allied with an extraordinary processing capacity (from 5 to 20 t/h depending on the product), we have made our equipment available to perform custom work with a large and varied offer of services.

" The products remain the property of the customer. MTB can perform custom work on a multitude of products: Aluminium and copper cables, but also aluminium profiles, pallets and wooden reels, electronic boards, WEEE etc. "

This is not exhaustive however, and over the years, a multitude of merchandise has been processed in our installations, whether by simple shredding or for the complete separation of materials, passing by reduction in volume.

We contribute to giving a second life to materials and composites.

Our specificity is to be able to process, under optimal conditions, not only common products (Cables, WEEE, Profiles, etc.) but also atypical and marginal wastes (coins, boats, counterfeit luxury products, skis, toys, sports equipment, wood, packaging, etc.).

Thus we work in partnership with many companies such as Renault on automotive products or with Serge Ferrari for whom we provide a shredding and sorting service for thousands of tons of technical fabrics before they are integrated into their unique recycling process TEXYLOOP®.


Secure destruction

For customers needing to destroy counterfeit merchandise, production scrap, prototypes, stocks, past-dated products, whether packaged or not, MTB offers a flexible solution, appropriate for the secure destruction on its site.

The delivered merchandise is stocked on our secured site (presence of guard 24/24 and video surveillance) then destroyed by shredding, thus preventing their reuse or commercialisation. It is possible to be present during the destruction. A certificate of destruction is drafted and handed over to the customer.

The destroyed merchandise can be returned to the customer or processed in MTB's recycling procedures.


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