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First MTB pre-shredder sold in the USA

10 May 2021

Rochester Iron and Metal acquires an EZR from MTB

WENDT has been supporting the development of Rochester Iron and Metal since 2012


Born in Indiana in the early 1900s, Rochester Iron and Metal is a family-owned and operated business in the scrap metal industry.
Since 2012 the company has been expanding alongside WENDT, growing exponentially in 2013. This growth has created new issues and challenges, which have prompted Rochester Iron and Metal to implement significant changes in its strategy.

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A partnership to serve our customers


“The exclusive and historic partnership between WENDT and MTB has resulted in innovative equipment and recovery processes to meet our customers’ needs. The development of the EZR is no exception,” says Ethan Willard, WENDT’s Business Development Manager. “The Pre-Shredder offers our customers a simple way to grow their business by maximizing the use of existing assets.


I believe Pre-Shredders will revolutionize existing grinding operations with it’s ability to increase production and reduce operating costs and downtime.”



The pre-shredder will be operational in 2021


A Pre-Shredder uses low-speed, high torque technology to homogenize hammermill feedstock. This allows a shredder to easily achieve full box shredding, increasing tons per hour while decreasing the wear on castings. In addition, Pre-Shredders give operators the ability to catch and remove unshreddables prior to the shredder, greatly reducing the chances of catastrophic failure at the mill.


The EZR is the first Pre-Shredder on the market that allows for the adjustment of the output density and throughput of the machine after installation to tailor an operation to meet customers specific demands. Available in sizes from 5 to 150 tons an hour, the EZR product line covers a wide range of applications.


Rochester’s Pre-Shredder will be installed and operational in the fourth quarter of 2021.

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