Aluminum product lines

We have designed an entire line for the processing of aluminium waste going from simple shredding to complete granulation.

The eddy current separator division, with its MTB MagPro equipment, is able to provide simple, economical and reliable solutions for the sorting of profiles and aluminium cans.

The sorting of incineration clinker has also progressed due to the latest MTB MagPro innovations in terms of dynamic sorting with, amongst others, the latest range of separators, the SMB, Ballistic Magnetic Separator, ideal for optimal work in fine and difficult material. 

Obviously, after processing them for 35 years, aluminium cables have no more secrets for us, and this remains a speciality of MTB.

Other products, such as ZORBA, can find a new life on the MTB line, in order to undergo a final transformation that will bring them to a top of the range, quality product.

The aluminium line that we operate on the Trept site is a perfect example of a versatile line, since it alone allows almost all of aluminium products on the market to be processed.

" Hundreds of users around the world use MTB solutions for sorting their aluminium products."

Whether with simple shredding or by using a complete line, out team of technicians will be there to guide you towards the right solution.


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