Do you have a new project? One of designers will assist you from start to finish as "Customer advice engineer". All requests will be monitored as closely as possible and we will give them the benefit of all of our experience in this area.


Yes, we manufacture our products ourselves. That is, with our 230 partners / sub-contractors. Manufacturing the best machines on the markets, both for us and for our customers, is the key to our success!


With 80 000 m² dedicated to recycling non-ferrous metals, a test centre, a metal analysis laboratory, 3 independent recycling units (Copper, WEEE) we have everything we need to work well together!


  • For 30 years MTB-Recycling's development has been based on 2 sectors of activity. We now have a staff of nearly 100 people working in two sectors:
    - Recycling and conversion of non-ferrous metals
    - Engineering and manufacture of waste processing machines

Our news

  • Cable recycling lines in Tunisia, England, Canada, the United States, Brazil, etc.
  • Tyre recycling lines in Israel, Tunisia, Sweden, France, etc.
  • Full WEEE, LCS screen and mercury lamp processing installations in France, Switzerland and Austria in partnership with BluBox.
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In brief

  • 40 000 tonnes of cable shredded at our Trept site each year.
  • Over 60 machines manufactured by our workshop each year.
  • Over 1 000 machines in operation around the world.
  • A design office backed up by a test centre to get as close as possible to your needs.
  • Multi-skilled teams in the field.