Our range of machines

  • Our Reinforced shredders are specially designed for loading by grab; these shredders enable the reduction of a large number of ...
  • Our Compact shredders are extremely robust and powerful despite their small size; these shredders enable the reduction ...
  • Our BAT type Pelletisers are used to obtain even grading before sorting, from pre-shredded products ...
  • Our Rotating shears with their unique design make the BDD 1700 one of the best on the rotating shears market ...
  • Our accessories: Separation tables, Magnetic separators, Supply hoppers, Vibrating sifters ...
  • The other equipmpent

  • Blubox MTB-recycling, in partnership with Air Mercury AG and BLUBOX Trading AG develops, builts and markets a new concept in bulb and LCD screen processing, which enables the mercury fraction to be isolated from the other elements.
  • More information: www.blubox.ch
  • The D15. In partnership with MTB-Recycling, Magpro is developing a complete range of Foucault current separators. Their unique and modern design enables extraordinary results to be obtained in relation to currently available separators. MTB-Recycling itself uses MagPro products, since 5 machines are operating at the Trept site where they work on different products:
    - Copper / Lead separation,
    - Plastic cleaning,
    - WEEE process,
  • More information: www.magpro.fr

The MTB-Recycling +

  • An analysis laboratory to inspect shot before despatch.
  • Flexibility and multi-skill are our watchwords. We can meet our customers' expectations because we listen to them, we meet them at their own sites and we can adapt our machines to meet their constraints, whether related to products or the environment.
  • After 30 years of innovation our first machines are still running.