WEEE recycling

An expert solution for the optimal reuse of your Electrical and Electronic Equipment Waste.

" Since the publication of the European Directives 2002/96/CE, in partnership with specialized companies, MTB has studied and developed innovative mechanical solutions that are simple and having a high yield to allow WEEEs to be recycled at the lowest cost. "

This research was motivated by two elementary postulates:

  • Sort to the maximum: an in-depth sorting right from the start, beyond the required minima, to obtain products with unequalled quality.
  • Develop the procedure: don't be satisfied with existing non-sustainable procedures, but play the sustainable development card and therefore, sustainable ecology, to the maximum.

From now on, we offer a unique range of processing. One that is efficient and especially the most ecological possible for this type of waste

MTB was aware that the complexity of these materials did not allow it to rapidly offer the best solutions and so, along with its privileged partners, it developed new solutions which could produce an optimal result. The best of each technology combined in a single versatile processing unit, pushing sorting to the limits and able to process up to 30,000 metric tons per year of WEEE and metal complexes.

Our guarantees

ICPE Authorization (Installation classified for Environmental Protection)

Transmission of documents attesting to the compliance with your obligations:

  • BSDI Traceability (Industrial waste tracking)
  • Certification of destruction

Material balance:

  • Composition of wastes communicated to the customer
  • Calculation of the resale value

Downstream procedures mastered in compliance with environmental and societal regulations:

  • In conformity with the European Directives 2002/96/CE concerning WEEE.


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