Our Strengths

The guarantee of quality of PREMIUM products



MTB bases its success on excellence.

The quality of the raw materials is checked in our Trept site laboratory, at each step of the process, thus guaranteeing optimum product quality.

MTB recycles industrial wastes so as to offer the highest quality on the market.

Operator/Manufacturer: unique in the recycling sector

MTB is a unique model in the world of recycling. As an operator/manufacturer, our strength is to know the customer's issues, while mastering the technology, so as to be able to offer novel answers. Being a pioneer in many areas, by relying on our R&D teams and on existing recycling lines, we continuously develop the recycling processes of tomorrow.

People, our primary resource


MTB is 120 men and women of value who work together to build the performance of the group. The know-how of our teams is recognized and gets overwhelming support from our customers. You can be trained at MTB, either before having a recycling unit delivered to you, or afterwards so that you can update yourself and master the latest processes. But make no mistake: we also learn along with our customers and it is this, which makes us stronger, day after day.

Precursor to the cutting edge of innovation

MTB anticipates the evolution of industrial needs for raw materials.

Our long experience and our patented technology has given us a recognized lead, unique work tools sought throughout the industrial world and unequalled competitiveness.

With our network of representatives working throughout the world, we offer practical and validated solutions, oriented towards the future.

Proven reactivity

Always ready to listen to our customers, we assist you in guaranteeing the constant performance of our machines throughout their service life. Our teams know how to provide you with solutions that are appropriate, both technically and commercially. They stand by you and offer you the best after-sales service. With a network of qualified representatives, our international presence gives us optimal reactivity and availability.


Parc d'Activités des Balmes Dauphinoises
3553 route de Chamont
38890 Saint-Chef FRANCE
Tel. +33 474 928 768
Fax +33 474 929 346

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