Maxi granulators

SRP 1600 / 2400 / 2800

The SRP granulators range has the advantages that made the BDR shredders such a success (robustness, reliability, 5 metric ton inertia flywheel, simplicity of maintenance, very low operating costs) with a few modifications to provide even higher performance for pre-shredded products:

  • Addition of a second stator
  • Increased cutting diameter
  • Higher cutting speed for a better rate
  • Larger cutting blades (78mm height)
  • Hydraulic pusher specially suitable for crushing light products (density <0.3) avoiding product build-up in the upper hopper.



The SRP granulators / refiners range is particularly suitable for processing “light” products:

  • OIW/Household Waste/ASR (Automotive Shredder Residue)
  • Wood
  • Sheared tyres
  • Plastics / textiles
  • etc.

Incoming products must be stripped of solid, non-crushable parts (concrete blocks, stones, gravel, solid metal parts, etc.). Ideally, the granulator must be fed with a product which has been previously-treated using a magnetic separator (overband type) and windsifter or a ballistic separator.

Particle Size Distribution on input: < 400 mm

Average density: 0-15 - 0.5 t/m3

Particle Size Distribution required on output from the granulator: variable, according to the screen diameter selected (in general, lower than 30mm).

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