Ferromagnetic extraction

OVAP - Permanent overband magnet

OVAP is an overband which is composed of a block of powerful permanent magnets installed on a continuous conveyor belt.  Placed above the conveyor, it continuously attracts and removes the ferromagnetic fractions present in the flow of bulk products.

It can be positions transversely or longitudinally, straight or inclined.

A structure in neodymium or ferrite is chosen depending on the nature and quantity of ferrous materials to extract as well as the distance from the work.

TMR - Reinforced magnetic separator

The TMR magnetic separators consist of a continuous conveyor belt equipped with a shaking assembly and an overband of permanent magnets placed above and in the transverse position. The combination of the two actions (mechanical and magnetic) can effectively remove pieces of steel contained in the shredded product.

The stroke of the shaker and the position of the overband can be adjusted depending on the product to be treated. The TMR can also be provided with a second, optional overband magnet for optimum separation in a single pass.

TAP / STMO - Magnetic drums

The TAP are permanent magnet drums (non-magnetic casing which turns around a magnetic segment which can be adjusted in angle).

They can be of the "extraction" or "contact" types.

  • The "Extraction" models are of a robust construction and they generate a deep magnetic field so as to attract ferromagnetic fractions at a distance. Like the OVAP, this tool will generally be used as a first intention to remove ferrous metals which are very reactive to a magnetic field.
  • The "contact" models produce a more "grazing" and more intense magnetic field which allows fractions to be captured which are smaller and/or more weakly reacting fractions to the magnetic field. It can be supplied with its STMO version support. The STMO magnetic pulleys are usually mounted at the beginning of a continuous conveyor belt. They can be supplied un-clad for integration into your conveyor or integrated into a ready-to-use system such as: SG 2/400 (conveyor belt comprised of a magnetic (neodymium) pulley) and BMS (ballistic magnetic separator).

SMB - Ballistic magnetic separator

SMB is a magnetic and a ballistic separator. It is composed of a continuous conveyor belt with a magnetic pulley mounted at its beginning. Up to now, there is nothing original here except that the conveyor allows very high belt speed to be used, up to 4 meters per second. The magnetic pulley has a high field gradient circuit and a high induction based on that used in the Ellipto eddy current separators.

The SMB is above all a separator intended to remove scrap iron from fine fractions. The high belt speed allows a single layer with a high throughput of fines to be processed (up to 50 T/h for an SMB 2000). A triple separation is obtained by combining this speed with the strong magnetic force of the inductor. The «heavy» and inert particles (non-ferrous metals, glass, pebbles, etc.) are projected further from the conveyor while the ferrous component is recovered at the rear of the separator whereas the «light components and damp and sticky particles will be recovered on the front part of the separator.

Everyone knows the difficulty of isolating clean ferromagnetic fractions in a flow of fines. It is possible with SMB!

The second advantage of using SMB is the separation of «heavy» fractions in which the non-ferrous metals are concentrated. Thus, the extraction of non-ferrous metals will be easier and the quantity of product to process will be reduced to a minimum thus dropping the processing costs. Its ability to process clinker fines but also fines of Automobile Shredding Residue and of E-scraps are particularly appreciated.

SMB is available in 1000, 1500 and 2000 mm belt widths.

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