Air treatment

With our demonstrated know-how and recognized manufacturing partners, MTB is able to offer you the self cleaning filter adapted to the needs of processing lines, a system used to capture dust and smokes produced by the densimetric tables, impact shredders and sieves. It has been designed to perform the following:

- Reducing the emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere within the limits set by the law;

- Recovering transformation waste from raw materials with a view to their use as a fuel or to bring them back into the production processes of the company.

- Not having to store it as the material is extracted continuously, therefore the risk of fire is reduced to a minimum.

The filtration unit has a modular construction made of folded panels of galvanized sheet steel which are bolted together so as to avoid welding, to eliminate problems of rust and to render the structure solid, resistant and safe. In addition, the modular system offers maximum flexibility to allow future expansion easier. The dimensions of the machine depend on the air flow rate and the type of environment in which it will be installed.

The unit intervenes in the final filtration after the cycloning of dusts captured and transported by a network of piping and before the sorting fan.

The machine is made up of three main parts:

  • The filtration unit, having a central part with the following items: :

- Filter sleeves
- Sedimentation chambers
- Connection plugs to the unit
- Explosion vents (ATEX)

  • The compressed air tank and all the air distribution connections:

- The sequencer for unclogging the filtration sleeves
- The connection for the fire-fighting water system

  • The hopper where the filtered material falls:

- The Archimedes screw for the extraction of captured material
- The extraction lock of the captured material
- The transmission system (reduction gears)

A rotating lock which can be motorised individually or in series with the Archimedes screw, is attached underneath the hopper.

The suction capacity is determined by the air speed passing through the interior of the filtration sleeves.

With an average air speed (1.8 m/min), the filtration surface is designed to provide a work rate of between 100 and 110 m3/h per m2 of filtering surface.

The filtration unit capacity is between 13,000 and 160,000 m3/h in a global system and it is possible to combine several filtration units.


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